ESPN 18 Dec 2019

Lloyd Pierce's Trae Young & John Collins comments are obviously untrue - Rachel Nichols


Rachel Nichols, Zach Lowe and Paul Pierce head to "Crunch Time," talking about the Sacramento Kings fighting for an NBA playoff spot, Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce saying John Collins and Trae Young are the best pick-and-roll duo in the league, and New York Knicks forward Marcus Morris getting excited about. They then (2:27) discuss the Knicks hiring former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt as a consultant, (3:49) whether the Miami Heat or Philadelphia 76ers have had the more impressive season; and (6:06) who will win between the New Orleans Pelicans and Minnesota Timberwolves.
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Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Kendrick Perkins give out "Oscars" for the 2019-20 NBA season, with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and Aron Baynes taking home awards, then Zion Williamson, Trae Young and Ja Morant fighting for the "Best Special Effects" honor.
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Trae Young records a double-double of 48 points and 13 assists, and the Atlanta Hawks beat the New York Knicks 140-135 in double overtime.
Trae Young sits down with Malika Andrews to break down his challenges with the Atlanta Hawks, while also explaining his hurt feelings over being snubbed from Team USA. Young shares that he plans to play as hard as he can for the rest of his career to honor Kobe and Gianna Bryant going forward.
Trae Young joins Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady to talk about why he's improved so much in his second NBA season with the Atlanta Hawks, how much Vince Carter has helped him in 2019-20, how long he can take losing, and all of his nutmeg moves on the court. They then (4:38) play "What Were You Thinking," talking about the time he spun Bruce Brown all the way around, when he hit the game-winner despite not having the last shot drawn up for him, when Dejounte Murray dribbled him to the ground.
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