National Geographic
National Geographic 8 Sep 2020

Lion Sisters Reunited


Two lioness sisters reunite after Sebae abandons her mate for not protecting their cubs.

Max Kellerman breaks down Deshaun Watson's Thanksgiving Day performance in the Houston Texans' win and Stephen A. Smith shares his frustrations that Matt Patricia is still the Detroit Lions' head coach.
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This cub was found all alone with his paws burned and whiskers singed. Now his fur is growing back, and he's making mountain lion friends.
Dan Orlovsky joins Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti to react to the Detroit Lions firing coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, and discuss what it means for Matthew Stafford.
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A Netherlands zoo celebrated the birth of three lion cubs by releasing video on Tuesday of a lioness giving birth to her triplets last week. (Dec. 1)

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