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The Guardian 7 May 2020

Life in coronavirus lockdown: How to keep a city alive


Six weeks into Britain's Covid-19 crisis, Anywhere but Westminster asks how a city keeps going when everything has ground to a halt. The team virtually visits Plymouth, population 250,000, to see how the services that are vital to a city and its inhabitants are scrabbling to stay afloat. The fishing industry is in meltdown, temporary housing is oversubscribed and nurses facilitate goodbyes over Zoom. Most of all, people are asking: what on earth happens after this?

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, confinement and worry are taking a huge toll on children, young people and their parents. From across the country, families reveal the experience of everyday life in coronavirus confinement, and the issues it highlights - from autism to bad housing
When league football was paused in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Tranmere Rovers chairman, Mark Palios, devised Project Malthus, his plan to keep the League One club alive. As he waits for fellow clubs to vote on the outcome of the season, which could mean their relegation, he explains why football needs to get serious about its messy economic situation, and why a club like Tranmere needs to look after its community during the coronavirus pandemic.
Tips and tricks from a dog trainer on how to keep your canine pal busy at home during the coronavirus epidemic. (April 1)
A street artist called Msale has taken it upon himself to create giant murals bringing public health messages directly to the overcrowded Mathare slum in Nairobi. With half a million people living in such 'a squeezed area'  social distancing is quite impossible to achieve, says Msale, so he is providing information for people on how to keep safe from Covid-19 in the 'simplest, clearest' way he knows

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