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The Guardian 20 Apr 2020

Life and death with a coronavirus ambulance volunteer in Milan


In Milan, hundreds of volunteers are keeping the city's ambulance services running at night during the coronavirus crisis. Matteo is one of them, juggling urgent medical care with life with a newborn son and a move to a new flat which happened a day before lockdown. His partner Fosca is a nurse on maternity leave, caring for their baby but due to return to work soon. We follow Matteo at night as he volunteers for the ambulance service, and see how covid-19 has impacted him and his partner.

For critical COVID-19 patients, the intensive care unit is their last hope and for the medical staff, the ICU is the last line of defense between live and death.

The medical staff works to keep the ICU running at full capacity by doing their best to save lives and fight the virus.

CGTN spoke to Liu Zhiyong, a ICU medic who works in Xiangya Hospital.

Doctor Liu was tracking the treatment and progress of a patient with a severe COVID-19 infection.
Paul Cary, 66, was first and foremost a father of two sons and grandfather of four. Now, he's a national hero, after answering the call to help with the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City before succumbing to the virus, himself. CBSN New York has more.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York just had the highest single-day death toll from coronavirus so far in his daily briefing. Aired on 4/8/2020.
UK nursing home resident Doris Taylor is celebrating her 90th birthday amid the coronavirus outbreak. 12 of the 54 residents at her home have died after falling ill with COVID-19. (April 19)

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