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Al Jazeera 15 Nov 2020

Libya talks pause without naming transitional government


Talks about Libya's future have ended in Tunisia without an agreement on an interim leader to govern ahead of national elections which are planned for December next year.
The UN's acting envoy to Libya says a lot more work needs to be done to reverse damage 10 years of war have caused.
Libya's rival factions who have agreed to a ceasefire have also been at the talks.

Al Jazeera's Claire Herriot reports from Tunis, Tunisia.

Tonight, Ivory Coast awaits its election results, but the opposition has already said they will form a transitional government.  Tanzania's opposition leader was briefly arrested on Monday after losing the recent election, 7 other officials were also detained. And finally, Zimbabwe's first lady has denied claims that her and her son are involved in gold smuggling after a woman was caught try to leave the country with 6kg of the precious metal in her hand luggage.
The latest round of Libyan peace talks is under way in neighbouring Tunisia.
The aim of the political dialogue is for elections to take place as soon as possible.
Al Jazeera's Claire Herriot reports from Tunis.
Trade unions in Mali have begun a three-day nationwide strike after talks with the new transitional government failed.
Civil servants are demanding better pay and conditions and are calling for the release of their colleagues who have been taken hostage.

Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports.
Sudan's transitional government has signed a peace deal with rebel groups at a ceremony in South Sudan's capital, Juba.
The deal aims to end decades of fighting that has left millions displaced, and hundreds of thousands of people dead.
However, not all armed groups have signed.

Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan reports.

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