MSNBC 15 Jan 2020

Lev Parnas Tells Maddow 'Trump Knew Exactly What Was Going On'


Lev Parnas is breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. He says, "President Trump knew exactly what was going on. He was aware of all my movements. I wouldn't do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani, or the President. I have no intent, I have no reason to speak to any of these officials." The full interview airs on Rachel Maddow Show, 9p.m. Et on MSNBC. Aired on 01/15/20.

One day before the New Hampshire primary, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a rally in Plymouth, NH where he decried President Trump's "white identity politics," offered his vision for a more inclusive America, and explained why he goes on Fox News.
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg talks about where his presidential campaign goes after suffering a loss in South Carolina.
If you decide to vote for Donald Trump in 2020, what would be the top reason? The Hill/HarrisX daily poll takes a look. This survey was conducted online within the United States from February 14-15, 2020 among 1,001 registered voters by HarrisX. The sampling margin of error of this poll is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. The results reflect a nationally representative sample of registered voters. Results were weighted for age within gender, region, race/ethnicity, income, political party, and education where necessary to align them with their actual proportions in the population.
President Trump may impose tougher trade restrictions on China. One America's Allysia Britton takes a look at the White House's plans.

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