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Inside Edition 13 Jan 2021

Lawyer Admits Client Was Holding Speaker Lectern at Capitol


A man accused of participating in the siege on the U.S. Capitol faces charges and his lawyer's words are raising eyebrows. Adam Johnson, 36, of Florida is suspected to be the man seen in photos carrying the podium with the symbol of the Speaker of the House. One of his lawyers, Dan Eckhart, seemed to admit to reporters that the photo poses a problem for their defense. Inside Edition Digital's Mara Montalbano has more.

New video shows rioters violently attacking Capitol police. Terrorism analyst Jim Cavanaugh explains what the video shows about the tactics and motive of the group.
"Friends of mine & people I've hired: I don't have an explanation of their failure," the former Sergeant at Arms says as law enforcement attempts to retake the Capitol grounds from protesters. "But there was a freaking failure." Aired on 01/06/2021.
A Florida man accused of making off with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lectern during the chaos of an insurrection at the Capitol was arrested Friday night on a federal warrant. (Jan. 11)

A federal magistrate judge in Tampa agreed to the release Monday at a brief hearing for Adam Johnson, 36, from the nearby community of Parrish.

Johnson was arrested last weekend on charges of government property theft, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering a restricted building without lawful authority, according to an arrest warrant.

Johnson has not yet entered a plea to the charges, which were filed in Washington.
Data scientist and Covid-19 whistleblower Rebekah Jones joins Ali Velshi to discuss why the raid on her home by armed Florida state police officers was intended to "scare" other state employees from raising concerns about the government's handling of the coronavirus. Aired on 12/16/2020.

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