MSNBC 31 Jan 2020

Lawrence's Last Word: The Senate Is Not Democracy In Action


Lawrence O'Donnell explains how the Senate is now, always has been and always will be an anti-democratic institution. Aired on 01/31/20.

Lawrence O'Donnell explains how an Oscar winning screenwriter has given us the best description of the current state of play in the presidential campaign. Aired on 2/12/2020.
At a rally in Columbia, SC, Sen. Bernie Sanders warned a crowd of the billionaire class' influence on government and politics. He added that "all of the money in the world is not going to be able to stop us."
Justin Thomas expresses how grateful he is that The Masters is not canceled but instead rescheduled for November. Thomas also shares he's hardly touched a golf club during quarantine but he plans to whip himself back in shape before arriving to Augusta National Golf Club.


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