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Huffington Post 8 Dec 2020

Late Night On Rudy Giuliani's COVID-19 Diagnosis


Late Night On Rudy Giuliani's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Rudy Giuliani greeted people, shook hands at the Georgia State Capitol without wearing a mask on Thursday, before President Trump announced he was tested positive for COVID-19.
After revealing her and her family's positive COVID-19 diagnoses, Stephanie Ruhle breaks down what she has learned about the pandemic after experiencing it firsthand. Aired on 12/7/2020
Nightingale hospitals across England are being "readied" for use if needed as COVID-19 patient numbers rise.

The NHS in London has been asked to make sure the Excel centre site is "reactivated and ready to admit patients" as hospitals in the capital struggle.

Other Nightingale hospital sites across England include Manchester, Bristol, Sunderland, Harrogate, Exeter and Birmingham.
One year ago, #China announced the first death from a new virus in #Wuhan -- 12 months later, #Covid-19 has claimed 1.9 million lives in an unrelenting march across the world. But in the central Chinese city of 11 million where the first known outbreak started, the virus has been extinguished and residents are proud of its revival.

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