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Fox News 11 Oct 2020

Lara Trump reacts to criticism over White House 'super spreader' event


Trump senior campaign adviser joins 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss President Trump's health and a larger stimulus package.

Video shows Trump national security adviser Robert O'Brien giving a tour of the White House Briefing Room on Saturday without a mask.
President Trump and first lady Melania Trump participate in an annual White House event to pardon the annual Thanksgiving Turkeys. The event dates back to Abraham Lincoln and this year's duo from the state of Iowa are named "Corn" and "Cob."
President Trump has stayed bunkered down in the White House since he lost the election to Joe Biden, and will spend Thanksgiving there for the first time. Trump has typically spent the holiday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. He claimed a victory after Michigan's Board of Canvassers at first refused to certify the vote in Wayne County, which includes the 80% Black city of Detroit. Two Republicans abruptly reversed course after facing swift outrage, and the vote was certified.
In an annual Thanksgiving tradition, President Donald Trump offered a reprieve to a pair of meaty turkeys at the White House. (Nov. 24)

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