Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times 31 May 2020

L.A. turns to National Guard, curfew as violence, looting escalate


National Guard troops deployed onto the streets of Los Angeles early Sunday morning as looting, vandalism and violence intensified and the police department struggled to restore order after two days of discord.

Wisconsin's governor activated the National Guard on Wednesday to protect state properties after a night of violence in Madison that included the toppling of two statues outside the state Capitol. Wednesday night's protests were reported to be peaceful. (June 25)
Rachel Maddow relays reporting from Politico that Donald Trump has set a hard stop to National Guard deployment to a seemingly arbitrary day that is one day shy of the 90 days needed to accrue certain benefits under the Post-9/11 GI bill. Aired on 5/19/2020.
Actor and singer Keke Palmer asked National Guardsmen deployed in Los Angeles to join a protest march. When they said they had orders to remain at their posts, Palmer asked them to take a knee with the demonstrators. 

Georgia's governor declares a state of emergency to activate the state National Guard as violence flares in Atlanta and in dozens of cities nationwide following the death in Minnesota of George Floyd. (May 30)

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