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Fox Sports 15 May 2020

Kyle Schwarber and Gavin Lux figure to benefit most from universal DH


It appears the 2020 season may see the National League employ the designated hitter for the first time ever. During the proposed 82-game season, the MLB on FOX guys believe Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber and Dodgers rookie Gavin Lux will benefit most from the change.

Host of The Kyle Kulinski Show Kyle Kulinski and Krystal respond to critics from The David Packman show that called the pair, "out for blood," against Joe Biden, and Kulinski explains why Joe Biden has to fight for at least one or two progressive policies to gain his vote.
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate which team benefits the most from the NBA's hiatus. Stephen A. chooses the Brooklyn Nets but Max Kellerman makes the case for the Golden State Warriors.
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California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke to CNN about his state's measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak and President Trump's hope to reopen the U.S.
In the battle against COVID-19, contact tracing, tracking the infected to separate them from those who aren't, may be crucial in allowing cities and states to re-open for business.

That monumental task now has two powerful tech players working together to come up with a solution, Apple and Google.

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