MSNBC 24 Sep 2020

KY Gov.: 'Post All The Information' On Breonna Taylor Case


The Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear (D), joins Hallie Jackson after no charges were filed in response to the death of Breonna Taylor. Beshear says the people of his state "crave and deserve" transparency, and urges the Attorney General to release all the relevant evidence from the case. Aired on 9/24/2020.

In a rare rebuke, an anonymous grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case now says the grand jury was told there would be no additional charges because the "prosecutors didn't feel they could make them stick," adding the jury never considered homicide charges because they were not given the option.
Sky's Ed Conway takes a deep dive into COVID data and asks if we're getting all the information we need from the government and the NHS about the spread of the disease?

And if we're not, how can they expect us to trust them?
During her performance on the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live," rapper Megan Thee Stallion called out Daniel Cameron, the attorney general of Kentucky, for his handling of the Breonna Taylor case. "We need to protect our Black women," she said, and then played audio of an activist comparing Cameron to Africans who sold other Black people into slavery. On Fox News, Daniel Cameron called the comments "disgusting" and claimed that he has been targeted because he is a Black Republican.
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron discusses race based attacks he has received and latest details in the Breonna Taylor case. #FoxNews #Tucker

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