ESPN 31 Jan 2020

Kobe Bryant in his own words, on his love of family and basketball


The Los Angeles Lakers show a tribute video of Kobe Bryant speaking about his love of the game of basketball and his family, accompanied by cellist Ben Hong of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Elyse Isopo, a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit at North Shore University Hospital in New York, takes us through a day in her life as she treats coronavirus patients. She starts and ends each day by taking her temperature before caring for the hospital's sickest patients.
Mike Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions of his own fortune on his presidential bid. A New York Times investigation has also revealed how the former New York City mayor has spent billions to support political causes that could increase his influence among Democratic voters.

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki joins Rog in the Panic Room to talk about her adoration of Liverpool and how she feels about this year's dominant squad. #CarolineWozniacki #MenInBlazers
L.A. Times columnist Arash Markazi met with Kobe Bryant on October 21, 2019 to talk about Mamba Academy, youth sports, his daughter Gigi, and the Lakers. Hear him in his own words talk about the importance of women sports and teaching young athletes the importance of not only playing the game, but learning about life in the process.

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