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CGTN America 10 Oct 2019

Kirk Schneider on mental health in the digital age


CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Kirk Schneider, psychologist and leading spokesperson for contemporary existential-humanistic psychology about mental health in the digital age.

One serious and unintended consequence of the coronavirus is the severe toll it's taking on mental health. In the U.S., 1 in 5 adults suffer the effects of mental illness each year, but less than half receive treatment. The President and CEO of Mental Health America, Paul Gionfriddo, joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how the virus is causing more depression and anxiety across this country and potentially fueling a mental health crisis. Aired on 5/13/2020.
Dr. Jill Biden speaks to Alex Witt about the state of mental healthcare in the education system across the United States.
The UN calls on countries to do more to protect people's mental health during the pandemic.

With so much focus on the global population's physical health, It's easy to forget about our mental well being.
But in a new report the United Nations is warning the pandemic is taking a toll on mental health as well, with a spike in depression and anxiety.
The actress joins us to discuss this important issue and share her foundation's initiative to help underserved communities receive therapy online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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