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Voice of America 14 Jan 2021

Kenyan Puppeteer 'Pulling Strings' to Educate on COVID-19


Michael Mutahi uses his craft to entertain and teach kids about the dangers of the virus and is gaining quite a following

Sen. Chuck Schumer blamed Sen. Mitch McConnell for refusing to compromise on Coronavirus relief legislation.
A COVID-19 economic relief package worth nearly $1 trillion US has been hammered out on Capitol Hill, ready for a vote in both the House and the Senate, likely on Monday. 

What's it like to get the Covid-19 vaccine? Dr. Vin Gupta walks us through it and explains the differences between the Pfizer vaccine and the likely soon-to-be-approved Moderna version. Aired on 12/17/2020.
"The logjam was broken -- Sen. Toomey accepted my compromise to remove the dangerous 'similar to' language in his bill that was overly broad."

Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke on the Senate floor on Sunday about the latest on COVID-19 relief legislation

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