Washington Post
Washington Post 23 Jun 2020

Ken Burns: Our monuments are representations of myth, not fact


Our most venerated monuments represent a mythology. While we may hope the statue represents our highest aspirations of what America can and should be. It also can be a reminder of where and how far we fall short.

Demonstrators across the nation are demanding change by damaging and defacing Confederate statues in the wake of George Floyd's death. (June 12)
Self-isolation, job loss and fear of getting Covid-19 are just some of the factors affecting our mental health during the pandemic. This is how our brains are responding.
Legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns says the United States is "in the middle of an enormous reckoning" and called for the removal of statues of Confederate soldiers and the renaming of military bases during a discussion with CNN's Chris Cuomo.
At a memorial service for George Floyd in North Carolina on Saturday, Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin issued a powerful call to fellow members of law enforcement, saying, "We are part of the problem." Peterkin spoke with CBSN's Lana Zak to discuss the changes he's urging law enforcement agencies to make.

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