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CGTN America 27 Feb 2020

Karen Hao talks about misinformation on social media amid coronavirus outbreak


CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo talks to Karen Hao, Artificial Intelligence reporter for the MIT Technology Review, on misinformation on social media amid coronavirus outbreak.

With a rising death toll and the number of COVID-19 cases surging, the president has used his coronavirus briefings to talk about the television ratings for his briefings and the number of followers he has on social media. Aired on 4/1/20.
The First Take crew discusses Kevin Durant admitting to still using "burner accounts" on social media.
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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears react to DeAndre Hopkins defending Bill O'Brien on social media. The First Take crew also weighs in on how many years they think former LA Chargers QB Phillip Rivers has left after being traded and signing a 1-year, $25M contract with the Indianapolis Colts.
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Think of it as a short prison sentence, says comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla: You can do the time or the time can do you. #FoxNews #Tucker

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