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Inside Edition 30 Dec 2020

Julia Mancuso Defends Tossing Giggling Baby in Snow


A former Olympic skier who was criticized for dropping her baby into a deep snow bank on an Instagram video is speaking out to Inside Edition. Julia Mancuso tossed her 1-year-old, Sonny, into the snow outside her home in Lake Tahoe, California. The reaction to the video has been intense, even though the baby was giggling and smiling throughout the clip. "Poor baby. He is too small to say what he really felt," one commenter said. But Mancuso told Inside Edition her baby was never in any danger.

The first major snowstorm of the season left the Northeast blanketed in snow, setting records in some areas. Some parts of upstate New York had gotten as much as 40 inches of snow by Thursday morning. (Dec. 17)
Workers attempt to clear paths, Thursday, December 17, after a snowstorm blanketed New York City's Times Square the night before.

A major snowstorm overtook the entire east coast of the United States on Wednesday and continuing into Thursday.

The storm leaves millions facing more than 30 centimeters of snow a week before Christmas, potentially disrupting coronavirus testing, package delivery and the vaccine rollout in states from Maine to South Carolina.

New York City is facing potentially the most snow from one storm in more than four years. (AFP)
Heavy snow buried areas of northern Japan, Friday, December 18, leaving many drivers stranded and causing power outages.

The snow has been piling up along the Japanese coast since Wednesday, and the Japan Meteorological Agency says the storm is expected to continue until Sunday.

In the Niigata prefecture, more than 1,000 people were stuck on an expressway in a traffic jam that stretched for 14.4 kilometers. (AP)
The massive winter storm brought blizzard-like conditions, leading to massive power outages and dangerous driving conditions.

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