MSNBC 29 Sep 2020

Joy Reid: Trump Acted Like 'An Angry Autocrat Who's Desperate To Hang On To Power'


Joy on Trump's behavior during the debate: "At this point, he's an angry autocrat who's desperate to hang on to power. And who sees the legal threat ahead of him. And the potential seizure of assets in his future. And the potential foreclosure of Trump Tower. And he's mad. And he does not understand why he has to even sit through a debate or sit for an election." Aired on 09/29/2020.

With mounting desperation, Donald #Trump declared he would "fight like hell" to hold on to the presidency and appealed to Republican lawmakers to reverse his election loss to Joe #Biden when they convene this week to confirm the Electoral College vote.
Twitter has permanently suspended President Trump's account. Joy says Twitter has accomplished something '3 wives,' 'and his entire White House staff have failed to do: shutting him the hell up.' Aired on 1/8/2021.
Joy Reid outlines some of the advantages that Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock has over his Republican opponent, Kelly Loeffler, as Georgia runoff vote tallies show Warnock with greater support than his Democratic colleague Jon Ossoff and the Republicans struggle against not having Donald Trump on the ballot. Aired on 1/5/2021.
Fmr. Congressman and former Republican David Jolly joins to discuss Trump's second impeachment and explains why he believes the reason Trump was impeached a second time will likely mean he goes down in history as America's worst president. Aired on 01/14/2021.

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