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France 24 16 Nov 2020

Jolimoi: The success story of a French beauty startup


This week, we speak to Isabelle Rabier, the founder and CEO of Jolimoi, a French start-up that's revolutionising how women get beauty advice thanks to a powerful algorithm that tells consumers which product is their best match. 

Starting in the 1960s, a US-sponsored campaign of disinformation and violence was used around the world -- with deadly results. It was known as "the Jakarta Method." The tactic originated in Indonesia, with the help of the CIA. "The Jakarta Method is the intentional mass murder of leftists or people accused of being leftist," journalist Vincent Bevins told Inside Edition Digital. "It was such a big success that it inspired movements elsewhere around the world, specifically in Latin America."
Tony Blinken shares the incredible story of his family, including that of his stepfather surviving the Holocaust, for the first time since being named President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for Secretary of State.
Film maker and Director of PBS' Frontline "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden," Michael Kirk, discusses why he made the film and it's significance ahead of election day.
By now, almost everyone has heard about Berlin's disastrous over-budget, off-schedule "new" airport. But few know the real story of what went wrong. DW's Joel Dullroy has been following the saga of BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport - for years. He wanted to know how such incompetence and corruption could happen in Germany, a country famed for its efficiency? Why did it take Berlin twelve years to build BER? And how could it cost six-and-a-half billion euros or ten times more than expected? Here's what went wrong at BER.

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