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Inside Edition 7 Jan 2021

JoJo Siwa 'Upset' by Inappropriate Board Game With Her Image


JoJo Siwa says she was shocked when her fans alerted her to what they called inappropriate content in a board game with her image on it. As one mom pointed out on TikToK, the game called JoJo's Juice is intended for children ages six and up, but it features cards with mature questions such as "Have you ever been arrested?" "I was really, really, really upset about how gross these questions were," JoJo Siwa said on Instagram. Inside Edition Digital's Mara Montalbano has more.

During a press conference, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the Buffalo Bills proposed to allow 6,700 fans to attend the team's playoff game with prior testing followed by contract tracing.
00:00 Germany has set up more than 400 centres for its nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive. It's a huge undertaking, requiring between 60-70% of the population to be immunised, in order to bring the virus under control. DW has been to Berlin's biggest facility to watch the roll-out.
05:24 During Germany's first lockdown in spring, four young sisters from Wiesbaden decided to make the most of the situation by developing a board game - which has become a best-seller! What started off as a quirky idea to kill time has quickly turned into a flourishing family business.
No, you are NOT crazy - politicians are playing games with your well-being, says Newsmax TV's Joe Pinion.
We get an exclusive first look at Arcade1Up's prototype for the Infinity Game Table, a touch-screen system for playing digital versions of board games.

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