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CBC News 19 Sep 2020

John Turner, former prime minister, dead at 91


Once dubbed 'Canada's Kennedy' as an MP in the early 1960s, the country's 17th prime minister, John Turner, has died at 91.


Former prime minister Brian Mulroney told CBC News that he has great admiration for John Turner, Canada's 17th prime minister who has died at the age of 91.

Watch CBC News special coverage of the state funeral of former prime minister John Turner in Toronto..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that if the U.K. and the EU cannot reach a Brexit trade agreement, he will "move on" and work to secure individual deals with each EU member state. As the latest round of negotiations gets underway, the government is reported to be planning a new law which could affect special arrangements for Northern Ireland. BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg has this special report for CBSN.
NBC News Senior International Correspondent Keir Simmons brings the latest from London where the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has implemented new lockdown measures as the number of new COVID-19 cases rise. Aired on 9/22/2020.

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