MSNBC 7 Jan 2020

John Bolton Upends Impeachment Debate, Offers To Testify - Day That Was


John Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said Monday he is willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed. Will Bolton's decision put pressure on some moderate Senate Republicans-- or Sen. Mitch McConnell to bring in witness? Aired on 1/6/20.

The contest in South Carolina is seen as a test of how candidates are doing with African American voters - and their chances going into Super Tuesday. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lead most polls, but the exact outcome of Saturday's elections is anyone's guess.
The Senate on Wednesday voted almost entirely along party lines to acquit President Donald Trump on abuse of power and obstruction of justice. In a dramatic speech on the Senate floor, Republican Mitt Romney of Utah said he would vote to convict President Trump on the first of two articles of impeachment. Aired on 2/5/20.
In a night filled with raised voices and interruptions, the debate stage in Charleston took on the air of a boxing match. Here's who ducked and weaved, who took a punch, and who tried to stay above the fray. Aired on 2/25/20.
The Democratic debate on Wednesday nightfeatured nonstop fireworks, kicking off with every candidate on stage going after former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Aired on 2/19/20.

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