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ABC News 15 Nov 2020

John Bolton on Trump leaving office: 'I do not expect him to go graciously'


Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton is interviewed on "This Week."

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John Bolton, who previously served as President Trump's National Security Advisor, called on the president to "let the full transition process proceed" so President-elect Joe Biden could begin to receive important information for his transition, even if he has not conceded. Aired on 11/13/2020.
CNN's John King explains why, as things stand now, President Donald Trump will not be reelected if he does not win the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, no matter how many other states he wins.
Some ex-intelligence officials are saying that when President Donald Trump leaves office, he should not receive access to classified information about the country's national security secrets.
President-elect Joe Biden is forging ahead with the White House transition despite facing steep hurdles from the Trump administration. Former Trump national security adviser turned critic John Bolton is speaking out about the controversy. He joins CBSN to explain why he thinks the future of the Republican Party is at stake.

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