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Fox Sports 6 Feb 2020

Joe Montana, NFL Hall of Famer, provides another example of why he is known as "Joe Cool"


During the live FOX Sports Super Bowl Watch Party With Joe Montana, he tells the story of how he would call his wife from the sidelines to avoid being yelled at by coaches.

Entrepreneur Arlene Dickinson says Canada faces an "epidemic" of mental health issues — and it's having major knock-on effects on the country's economy. Dickinson made the comments as part of a new series called "The Big Fix" which sees Canadians share their thoughts on the major problems facing the country and offer their solutions.
On Hoop Streams, Christine Williamson, Omar Raja and Gary Striewski look at some of the best viral videos of the week in a segment called "In My Mentions." Included is LeBron James' birthday tune to Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis, a Chicago Bulls fan's wedding introduction, a Harlem Globetrotter's slo-mo high-five, a high school fan's epic reaction to their friend's crossover and trey, and lastly Kevin Durant's dunk in practice.

President Trump said Saturday he is considering an "enforceable" quarantine affecting residents of the metro New York area amid the coronavirus pandemic. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said shortly afterward that he doesn't "even like the sound of it" and said he had not spoken to the president about it.
30 years ago, scientist Carl Sagan asked NASA's Voyager 1 to capture an iconic portrait of our world. This humbling view of Earth from 6.4 billion km away is known as the "Pale Blue Dot."

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