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The Hill 11 Jun 2020

Joe Biden TORCHES Trump: "He decided that he was going to pit us against on another based on race"


"The grand wizard said 'this is why we elected him.'"

Joe Biden excoriated President Trump during a roundtable discussion on Thursday.

Joe Biden is leading the president in North Carolina, according to new CBS News/YouGov polling. The panel discusses the general election in North Carolina and Georgia. Aired on 8/3/2020.
US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he thinks the deadly explosion Tuesday in Lebanon that killed at least 100 people may have been an accident. (Aug. 5)
A witness to the Glasgow stabbings said the suspect told him he was going to carry out a knife attack.

Staff at the hotel where an asylum seeker launched the knife attack were also warned he was mentally unstable the night before he struck.
Former President Obama said in remarks released Thursday that the U.S. is not dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as "smartly" as other countries with similar resources.

The former president made the remarks during a conversation with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, saying he was confident that if his former vice president is elected in November he will respond to the crisis effectively.

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