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ABC News 2 Jun 2020

Joe Biden speaks out in sharp contrast to Trump


The former vice president criticized President Trump's "narcissism" and "division" and called on leaders to confront systemic racism.

Former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks out about George Floyd, systemic racism, and police brutality in America.
Joe Biden speaks to the Class of 2020.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke out about the protests across the country in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'keefe and CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns joined CBSN to discuss his comments.
Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the United States.

As their numbers grow, so does their voice in U.S. politics.

On Saturday, ​the advocacy group, Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote, hosted a town hall with ​Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and a Republican surrogate to get their views on some of the group's most pressing issues.

CGTN's Karina Huber has more.

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