CNN 18 Nov 2020

Joe Biden, nurse share emotional moment during virtual roundtable


President-elect Joe Biden grew emotional during a virtual roundtable after hearing Mary Turner, an intensive care unit nurse, describe her experience on the frontline battling Covid-19. The Minnesota nurse spoke with CNN's Erin Burnett.


President-elect Joe Biden held a virtual roundtable with frontline health care workers and assured them he would advocate for them as president and promised "there is hope on the way."
President Trump and Joe Biden will have their mics muted during their opponent's two minutes of uninterrupted time at Thursday's debate. Sean Sullivan, a CBSN political contributor and national politics reporter for the Washington Post, joins CBSN with more on how this will impact the final presidential debate.
President-elect Joe Biden ripped President Trump's refusal to concede during a news conference on Thursday.
How will Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election impact on Europe? And can Europe find its place amid the rivalries between the United States and China? We put these questions and more to former World Trade Organization head Pascal Lamy.

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