CNN 16 Nov 2020

Joe Biden: 'More people may die' without a smooth transition


President-elect Joe Biden said that "more people may die" if he's not able to coordinate a smooth transition with President Trump's administration in order to administer a vaccine and combat the coronavirus

President-elect Joe Biden said that "more people may die" if President Trump continues to obstruct the transition of power.
President-elect Joe Biden warned that "more people may die" if the Trump administration did not coordinate with his transition team for information on coronavirus response efforts. Aired on 11/16/2020.
President-elect Joe Biden said on Monday "more people may die" if outgoing President Donald Trump continues to block efforts to plan for a U.S. transition of power as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, and added that he would not hesitate to get vaccinated. 
Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden warns that more American lives are at risk if the Trump administration does not start sharing info about its COVID-19 vaccine deployment plans.

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