NewsNet 12 Jan 2021

Joe Biden: Minority Communities Will Have 'Priority' In Coronavirus Aid Distribution


President-elect Joe Biden has said that businesses who are owned by minorities or women will be the priority when distributing Coronavirus relief.
Biden on Tuesday expressed empathy with struggling families and applauded Congress for a passing the coronavirus relief as the nation deals with a COVID-19 surge that's casting a shadow over the Christmas holiday.
He called out to frontline workers, scientists, researchers, clinical trial participants and those with deployed family members during the holiday season.
Noting the ways that the pandemic has altered his own holiday celebrations, which typically include up to two dozen relatives, Biden said, "not this year."
Earlier this month, Biden said Americans "cannot be traveling during these holidays," and acknowledged that "Christmas is going to be a lot harder."
On Monday, Biden got vaccinated on live television as part of an effort to reassure people that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe.
"I look forward to the second shot, and I have absolute confidence in the vaccine," Biden said. "But we're in short supply."
On the $900 billion coronavirus aid bill passed by Congress on Monday, Biden called the bill a "down payment" on a broader relief bill he plans to introduce when he takes office in January.
"Like all compromises, this is far from perfect," Biden said. "Congress did their job this week, and I can and I must ask them to do it again next year."

US President-elect Joe Biden is urging Congress to pass a coronavirus aid package that has been stalled for months.
He spoke while presenting his economic team to deal with the crisis, promising to provide more relief for the faltering US economy.
As Biden's nominee for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, seen as being able to unite a divided Congress, would lead those efforts.
Al Jazeera's Kristen Saloomey reports from Wilmington, the US.
Americans won't be the only ones watching the inauguration tomorrow. Thousands of miles away, the towns from which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's ancestors come will come to a stand-still to watch the historic swearing-in. Many of Biden's cousins live in Ballina in County Mayo, Ireland. His cousin Joe Blewitt can't wait to visit the White House. In Thulasendrapuram, India, Kamala Harris is referred to as "Daughter of the Village." Her uncle spoke to Inside Edition about how proud they are of her.
President-elect Joe Biden called protesters at the Capitol a "mob of thugs" and said if they were a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators they would have been "treated very differently."
As Joe Biden prepares to take up residence in the White House, the EU is wasting no time in setting out its ambitions for the post-Trump era.

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