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CGTN America 9 Nov 2020

Joe Biden announces his COVID-19 task force


Scientists and investors were celebrating Monday after drug maker Pfizer announced positive early results from a COVID-19 vaccine.

The news broke after a weekend in which the U.S. media declared Joe Biden the next U.S. president. Biden assembled a coronavirus task force as his first order of business. But President Trump, who has yet to concede defeat, was also celebrating the breakthrough. Biden tempered his reaction.

CGTN's Owen Fairclough reports.

The projected winner of the U.S. presidential election, Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House as the next president of the United States, with his own COVID-19 task force at the ready.

Biden has named 13 health experts to his transition COVID-19 advisory panel.

He is expected to seek cooperation with state governors to promote masks and social distancing and other policies.

CGTN's Jim Spellman reports.
Biden announces his COVID-19 advisory board and his plan to combat the pandemic.
Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, a co-chair on the Biden COVID-19 Task Force, discussed the importance of equity in combating the pandemic and helping Americans struggling with financial hardship.
Reporters shouted questions at VP Mike Pence as he ended the White House COVID-19 task force briefing on Thursday.

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