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NBC Sports 12 Nov 2019

Jimmy Garoppolo fails to lift 49ers in loss to Seahawks


The 49ers needed Jimmy Garoppolo to step up on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks, but his performance left more questions than answers in San Francisco's loss. #SanFrancisco49ers

The executive order will send every registered voter a mail-in ballot but the state is still working on plans to have safe in-person voting available.
Saints WR Austin Carr joins Golic and Wingo to share that he thinks most of his teammates would sign a COVID-19 waiver if the NFL required players to do so in order to play.

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Officials in Turkey say the use of so-called contact tracers has helped control its coronavirus outbreak.
More than 3,600 people have died since March - but deaths have been falling for 17 straight days.
Al Jazeera's Sinem Koseoglu reports on the treatment method getting the credit.
Jimmy Garoppolo appreciates the honesty of the 49ers front office as they kept him in the loop during their pursuit of Tom Brady.

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