Time 10 May 2019

Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin's Lunar Mission: 'It's Time To Go Back To The Moon'


Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos says he's going to send a spaceship to the moon, joining a resurgence of lunar interest half a century after people first set foot there.

Jeff Bezos, chairman of Amazon and founder of Blue Origin, unveiled his space company's lunar lander.
Private companies are increasingly challenging national agencies in a new space race.
American billionaire Jeff Bezos has unveiled a lunar lander that he hopes will transport astronauts to the moon within the next five years.
Al Jazeera's Victoria Gatenby reports.
FBN's Stuart Varney on President Trump taking on the media over their coverage of his presidency and the Mueller report.
Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' rocket venture, will be launching a manned mission to the moon that would be the first commercial moon landing ever.

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