MSNBC 30 Jun 2020

Jacob Frey Says He's 'On The Side Of Massive, Structural Change' For Police Reform


"This needs to be a full rethinking and reshaping of the way that our police department does business that has for decades has harmed Black and brown people," says Mayor Frey of Minneapolis. Aired on 6/30/2020.

Father Edward Beck discusses the role of religion and faith in the ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer and says he's not sure what President Trump was trying to accomplish by holding a photo-op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington.
Ahead of Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America, Black-owned restaurants and services are highlighting the underrepresented tradition of Black cooking and advocating for increased diversity in restaurant kitchens.
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby reflect on the death of George Floyd and the weekend's protests around the United States and world.

CGTN Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Professor of Public Health, on the relevance of the World Health Organization.

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