CNN 6 Oct 2020

'It's like a dagger in the heart': Nick Cordero's widow reacts to Trump's tweet on Covid-19


Amanda Kloots, whose husband Nick Cordero died due to complications from coronavirus, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo how she felt about President Donald Trump downplaying the effects of coronavirus.

The UN secretary-general told world leaders they have failed to fight the coronavirus - preferring to trade words rather than unite in the face of the pandemic.
Antonio Guterres was speaking as representatives from the United States and China were involved in angry exchanges at a session of the Security Council over who was responsible.
Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports from New York, US.
President Trump's comparisons in October of the coronavirus to the flu and admonitions not to fear it were "appalling" to those who have lost family members.
Journalist and "Rage" author Bob Woodward reacts to Trump's shocking statement where he would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. Aired on 09/24/2020.
President Donald Trump told Fox News that the US was "rounding the turn" on Covid-19, despite the surge in coronavirus cases. CNN's John King lays out the facts.

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