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Voice of America 3 Feb 2020

Italians Evacuated From Coronavirus Epicenter Wuhan Arrive in Rome


A bus carrying 56 Italian nationals who were flown back from the epicenter of the new coronavirus, Wuhan, China, arrived in Rome, Monday, February 3.
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The first Hong Kong chartered flight carrying people evacuated from the mainland Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the new coronavirus, arrived in Hong Kong, Wednesday, March 4.
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Over a dozen people evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan landed in Omaha, Nebraska, Monday, February 17, and were immediately sent to a hospital to be tested for the new coronavirus.
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At least 69 Ugandan students are effectively trapped in Wuhan, China - the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. In Uganda, parents of the students are pleading with authorities to bring them home, but Ugandan officials say they have no plans to do so. Halima Athumani reports from Kampala.
Footage from the Ukrainian Presidential Office via AP shows a Ukrainian Armed Forces aircraft carrying coronavirus test kits from the Chinese city of Guangzhou landed in Kyiv, Monday March 23.

The military plane delivered more than 250,000 tests, alongside medical masks, disinfectants, ventilators and other equipment.

The items are set to be distributed across Ukraine over the course of the day.

Doctors, soldiers, police officers and border officials will be provided with rapid tests and medical masks.

As of Sunday night, Ukraine had reported 73 cases of COVID-19 alongside three deaths.

The coronavirus has reached nearly every country on the planet, with about 336,000 reported cases and 14,600 deaths.


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