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DW News 25 Mar 2020

Italian mayors rant at coronavirus lockdown violators


In Italy some people keep defying lockdown orders. Now some Mayors have had enough and vent their anger.
In Italy, 743 people died from the virus on Tuesday, according to government data. The country has been the worst hit by the coronavirus, experiencing a higher death toll than China, where the virus emerged in late 2019. A total of 6,820 people have died in Italy due to the pandemic.


Italian surfers return to the waves in Ladispoli, in the Rome region, where professional and amateur surfers are enjoying getting back to their sport after the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.
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NBC News' Dr. Natalie Azar breaks down a new study from Columbia University that says delays in establishing a coronavirus lockdown may have cost thousands of lives.
Like an apocalypse. A phenomenon around the globe, impacting pretty much everyone, everywhere, at the same time. The Great Coronavirus Lockdown robbed people of their freedoms and their daily lives. Shops, restaurants, playgrounds, schools. All closed. Personal contact was prohibited. Millions of people were locked in their own homes for weeks on end. Some say it came at a huge economic cost, but saved millions of lives. Others suggest the burden was so great, it actually cost lives.
"There is no glory in prevention," said Germany's chief virologist, Christian Drosten, on the steps taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Medical experts weren't popular everywhere, even though they may have saved millions of lives. That's the conclusion of a new study in the journal Nature. DW runs the numbers and asks an expert how effective quarantine was.
Daily fossil CO2 emissions dropped by 17% amid coronavirus lockdowns.

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