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Voice of America 13 May 2020

Israeli Police Arrest More Than 300 at Religious Gathering



Israeli police took more than 300 people into custody, Tuesday, May 12, in an attempt to control the crowds violating coronavirus restrictions by assembling at a religious site.

Hundreds of Orthodox Jews showed up at Mount Meron to observe the holiday of Lag B'Ober, despite police regulations against gatherings of more than 20 people.

Lag B'Ober celebrations typically are marked with crowds, dancing and the lighting of bonfires, often at the tomb of a prominent rabbi on Mount Meron.

Israel has 16,539 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Wednesday and 262 deaths. (AP)

Anti-government protests have flared once again in Hong Kong - with more than 300 demonstrators being arrested during a standoff with police.
They are angry over new proposed laws which they say damage the freedoms of Hong Kong's people.
Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown has more.
The economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic are being felt in many sectors of the global economy - aviation and oil in particular - and they are hitting the biggest players.
After already announcing it would cut aircraft production by a third and that the company was "bleeding cash at an unprecedented speed", aerospace giant Airbus has posted a first-quarter loss of more than $500m.
The CEO warns this is the "gravest crisis the industry has ever known".
Boeing has already announced plans to cut as many as 7,000 jobs.
The company's CEO predicts that global airline revenue could drop by more than $300bn this year, and it will take years to recover.
The United Kingdom's national carrier, British Airways, is set to cut up to 12,000 jobs, about one-third of its workforce.
The airline has suspended 96 percent of its flights for April and May.
Associate Editor and Chief Correspondent of Orient Aviation Tom Ballantyne discusses this issue with Al Jazeera.
1,200 Religious leaders in California are reopening their churches on May 31 despite lockdown restrictions. One America's Sani Unutoa reports.
A New Jersey nursing home is under investigation after police found 18 bodies in a 'makeshift morgue' on site.

The Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Centre said in an email to the state's governor that the "more than average deaths" due to coronavirus had meant that more bodies needed to be stored in the facility, which usually has a capacity of four.

At another one of the state's struggling nursing homes, family members said they weren't informed about dying relatives inside.

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