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Al Jazeera 24 Sep 2020

Israel imposes new COVID-19 restrictions after surge in cases


Israel is imposing stricter coronavirus lockdown measures after a surge in infections.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the restrictions are necessary to keep the country from being pushed to what he calls "the edge of the abyss".
Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett reports.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced new COVID-19 restrictions as cases continued to surge in the state. Watch his remarks here.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday imposed a new round of restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus as the infection rate climbed and hospitalisations soared in the state that was the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak in its early stages.
During a news conference on Sunday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee issued sweeping new COVID-19 restrictions on bars, restaurants and gatherings.
Demonstrators hit the streets in Italy to protest against the country's new Covid-19 measures that impose restrictions on bars and restaurants. The government is also forcing gyms and movie theaters to temporarily shut down to combat the rising coronavirus cases.

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