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BBC News 15 Nov 2020

Is this giant alligator on a Florida golf course real?


A viral video of a huge alligator strolling on a golf course in Naples, Florida, has left many people questioning whether it's real or not.

So we asked gator expert James Nifong from the University of Florida's Croc Docs to weigh in.

When a giant alligator was caught on camera walking with all four of its legs extended on a Florida golf course, many people on social media assumed it was fake. Taken by a pro golfer at Valencia Country Club in Naples, the video immediately went viral. One major reason why the gator looked so menacing was because of its so-called "high walk" captured in the footage. Usually, when gators are on the move, they're much closer to the ground.
Video captured a massive alligator strolling on a golf course in Naples, Fla.
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