Newsy 2 Oct 2020

Ireland's Top Court Rules Subway's Bread Too Sugary For Tax Break


The Irish Supreme Court ruling was centered on tax breaks for certain foods.

Poland's top court ruled Thursday that a law allowing abortion of fetuses with congenital defects is unconstitutional, shutting a major loophole in the predominantly Catholic country's abortion laws that are among the strictest in Europe.
Plus, White House top aide, Stephen Miller has tested positive for COVID-19, and Hurricane Delta makes landfall in Mexico.
Joe Biden claimed President Trump "panicked" when responding to the coronavirus pandemic and that the outbreak was "too big" for the president to handle. Aired on 9/21/2020.
A Greek court on Wednesday declared far-right party Golden Dawn a criminal group, effectively banning a radical organisation that was once the third-largest political force in the country.

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