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Voice of America 7 Jan 2020

Iranian TV Reportedly Shows Rockets Launched at Airbase Housing US Troops in Iraq


Iranian TV reportedly shows rockets launched at Ain al-Asad airbase, a U.S. military installation in Iraq, Tuesday, January 7.
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The US military in southern Iraq is moving troops to larger bases to better protect them.
It comes after a series of rocket attacks hit a base where Americans are stationed.
Several people were killed and wounded in the attacks.
Al Jazeera's Simona Foltyn reports from Baghdad.
Iraq's Baghdad Operations Command says the 25 rockets were fired from seven launchpads discovered in a nearby parking garage.
The 2014 winner of "Strictly Come Dancing" and former "Love Island" presenter Caroline Flack reportedly died by suicide in London on Feb. 15.
The war in Libya is expected to continue to claim lives even after the conflict is over.
Unexploded bombs and rockets can remain hidden and a threat for years.
A team of explosive experts is trying to find unexploded bombs and rockets that are putting lives at risk.
Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Abdelwahed reports from Tripoli, Libya.

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