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RT America 8 Jan 2020

Iran strike: Reality show (And all were in on it!)


Are those who profit from the endless US wars in the Middle East subjecting Americans to an elaborate charade to enrich themselves? Do they care at all whether Washington completes its purported "mission" in such interventions? Former West Point Instructor and retired officer Maj. Danny Sjursen joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in.

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Weeks into their battle against the coronavirus in Italy, doctors are still reeling. Two doctors filmed inside their ICU at Santissima Annunziata University Hospital in Chieti, Italy, where patients are struggling to recover.
Krystal and Saagar discuss Bernie's campaign announcement to stay in the race, compete in the next Democratic debate.
The new US household debt numbers show that Americans have borrowed higher and higher amounts of money every quarter for the past five consecutive years. Collective household debt has surpassed $14 trillion for the first time. RT America's Sayeh Tavangar reports before John Grace of founder and president of Investor's Advantage Corp and author of "Making Finance Make Sense" joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in. He argues that "the debt level is enslaving Americans" and that "sooner or later, the music stops." RT producer Joe Ricci reports on Syria's recognition of the Armenian Genocide before Aram Hamparian of the Armenian National Committee shares his insights. What happens to the bodies of those infected with the deadly COVID-19, formerly known as novel coronavirus? RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports. RT's Eisa Ali reports from London on the BBC's struggle for relevance as they face declining viewership and numerous scandals before nationally syndicated journalist and podcast host Ruben Navarrette weighs in on the muddled state of US media.

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Bank of America has released a statement officially recognizing the "global recession" into which the US and the rest of the world has plunged amid the worldwide fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Rick Sanchez discusses the implications. Then RT America's Michele Greenstein reports from the coronavirus updates desk. Clinical psychologist Dr. Norman Fried weighs in on the long-term effects of "social distancing." Former UK MP George Galloway discusses the persistence of US sanctions on countries like Iran, Cuba, Congo and elsewhere despite international efforts to cooperate in fighting the pandemic. Dennis Miller, host of "Dennis Miller +One" discusses the Trump Administration's response to the pandemic.

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