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Fox Business Network 8 Jan 2020

Iran refuses to hand over black box from fatal Boeing crash


Before the Boeing 737 plane crashed, Iranian forces launched two waves of ballistic missiles into an Iraqi airbase housing U.S. troops.

Sudan's government has agreed to hand over former President Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
He faces charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity over the conflict in Darfur.
Al-Bashir was removed from power in April last year after months of nationwide demonstrations.
Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan reports from Khartoum, Sudan.
Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said he is "absolutely not" considering resigning in the wake of the Iowa caucus debacle.

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard called for Perez to step down, saying, "Ultimately this is a failure of leadership, and I think the DNC chair Tom Perez should resign."

Perez also said he's "mad as hell" about the chaos in Iowa - where both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg declared victory.
President Trump refuses to shake House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's hand before his State of the Union, and afterward she rips up her copy of his speech.
The panel discusses the results of the initial Democratic caucuses and primary and which candidates have a shot at staying in the race and which ones are likely to drop from the race in the near future.

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