CNET 9 Nov 2020

iPhone 12 Mini review: Apple goes big on a phone so small


The iPhone 12 Mini does something many of us wanted: It's a truly small phone without compromises. Making a device that comes in different sizes doesn't seem like a big deal. And yet it is, because it's an iPhone. I spent a week putting the iPhone 12 Mini through its paces to see if it makes sense, in 2020, to have a phone this small.

The long-awaited HomePod Mini is here. It's Apple's smaller, more affordable smart speaker, and it competes with Google's Nest Mini and Amazon's new Echo Dot. With impressive sound and Siri on board, it might hit the sweet spot for Apple fans looking for a HomeKit smart home speaker.
The smallest new iPhone is the perfect size for smaller-sized hands or human-sized pockets.
The iPhone 12 is official. Apple announced four new iPhones: the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, Pro and Pro Max, all of which support 5G. With new cameras, a new body design and the existence of the iPhone 12 Mini, there's a lot to be excited about.
The pros and cons of Apple's smallest 5G phone.

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