CNET 15 Sep 2020

iPad Air 4 and iPad 8 first impressions: Making sense of Apple's newest iPads


Apple just announced updates to its iPad lineup. The fourth-generation iPad Air and eighth-generation entry-level iPad each got new processors and more. CNET's Scott Stein breaks them down alongside the iPad Pro and helps make sense of it all.

Jeff Bakalar has his first impressions with the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and after playing a quick game demo, there's a few standout features he's really jazzed about. This is Sony's most substantial controller design change in years, so here's what it's like to play with the controller's brand new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback system -- plus everything else you'd want to know about the DualSense.

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Wednesday night's vice presidential debate offered viewers a more traditional and, on balance, fact-based encounter than the first Trump-Biden encounter. However, Vice President Mike Pence echoed many of the president's misleading and false claims on a range of topics. California Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee, stuck closer to the facts, but she dodged a key question.
The pros and cons of Apple's smallest 5G phone.
While Biden leads or is in a statistical tie in 2020 polling, is the campaign feeling a sense of 2016 deja vu? The panel discusses. Aired on 10/19/2020.

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