Voice of America

Voice of America 22 May 2020

Into the Unknown: Afghan Journalists Face Historic Uncertainty Ahead of Intra-Afghan Dialogue


Frozen out of reconciliations talks, reporters say the country risks losing nearly 20 years of progress toward free expression, equality #Afghanistan #pressfreedom

Journalists say they've largely been frozen out of a planned series of reconciliation talks
The medical world is slowly getting to grips with the novel coronavirus, but is learning new, seemingly contradictory things about it all the time. How do experts deal with chasing the true face of the disease?…
U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday, April 8, during a White House briefing in Washington that Americans are heading into the "final stretch."

The flame of the unknown soldier under Paris's Arc de Triomphe continues to be rekindled every day without an audience amid the coronavirus lockdown in France.

The tradition has never been interrupted since its inception in 1923.

The flame is meant to burn in memory of the dead who were never identified in World War I and II.

As of Tuesday, April 28, France has 166,036 confirmed coronavirus cases and 23,327 deaths. (AFP)

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