Washington Post
Washington Post 7 Jan 2021

Inside the White House as Trump raged and Congress confirmed Biden's win


The Post's Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker explain how President Trump could be removed from office, either under the 25th amendment or by impeachment, before his term ends on Jan. 20.

Boxes of personal belongings are being carted out of the White House and stacked high in the driveway out front as the Trumps prepare to move out. A man seen carrying a bust of Abraham Lincoln out of the Oval Office prompted some media members to raise eyebrows at the prospect that the "People's House" was being picked over for mementos. "People need to know that the items inside the white house are not giveaways. They're not souvenirs you can take home," said CNN's Jim Acosta.
President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Sunday after spending the Thanksgiving holiday break with his family at Camp David. (Nov. 29)
The Trump administration has begun moving out of the White House. Some of the items seen in boxes are raising eyebrows.
The White House is coming under criticism once again for flouting coronavirus advisories, as invitations go out for a series of holiday parties being held indoors. The CDC has advised Americans not to travel or gather in groups outside their bubble for Thanksgiving, and some say it's a double standard. There's serious concern that holiday super spreader events could dramatically shift the trajectory of the virus for the worst, as hospitals across America are once again reaching capacity.

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