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Washington Post 1 Jun 2020

Inside the mayhem as police moved in to clear peaceful protests outside the White House


Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at peaceful protesters outside the White House on June 1 as Trump threatened to deploy the military to American cities and end 'lawlessness.'

As demonstrations against racial injustice continue across the U.S., police are facing increased scrutiny for violent clashes with protesters, including in Austin, Texas, where a 20-year-old man is in critical condition after being hit with a bean bag, falling and hitting his head.
Noting that most of a city block including a police station in Minneapolis is on fire, Ali Velshi reports on the lack of police presence as people continue to take to the city's streets. The violence broke out amid protests over the fatal arrest of George Floyd. Aired on 05/28/2020.
The widow of a black man shot dead by a white police officer in Atlanta has urged protesters to remain peaceful, saying: "We want to keep his name positive and great."

Rayshard Brooks was killed following a confrontation with officers outside a fast food restaurant in Atlanta.

In a deeply emotional news conference, Tomika Miller was joined by Rayshard Brooks' three young children, his stepson, as well as cousins and other family and friends.
Video shows police using armored military vehicles during protests in 3 different cities around the country.

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